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Certify TN Unemployment Claim

certify tennessee unemployment claim

In this tutorial we´re gonna show you how to certify the unemployment claim and apply for a GM Sub benefit.

Before we get started, it´s important for us to say that every time you´re laid off, you have to open an unemployment claim. And you have to certify that claim weekly in order to qualify for GM Sub payment.

Also it´s important to say that we have not received any special unemployment training of any kind and the way we apply for and certify our claim is based on our situation.

Weekly Claim Certification

We´re going to log into the website.

jobs4tn website to certify weekly claim on tn unemployment

Now that you´ve logged into the website, you go down to your dashboard.

On your message board, here it´s a way that unemployment communicates with you if there´s any issues.

messages board in jobs4tn to certify weekly claim on tn unemployment

In Unemployment Services, click on “Weekly Claim Certification”.

weekly claim certification in jobs4tn on tn unemployment

Click on “File Your Weekly Certification to Continue Your Claim”.

file your weekly certification to continue your claim on tn unemployment


You´ll notice the bar at the top, so you´ll have to complete each section in order to complete your certification. So we´ll work them.

weekly claim certification process in job4tn on tn unemployment

Go down and click next if you are ready.

click next to continue you weekly claim certification in job4tn on tn unemployment

Know the Rules

This section is about knowing the rules avoid overpayments and don´t commit fraud. So just know the rules avoid averpayments, donít commid fraud and just remember the way I answer these questions are based in my situation. Check “I have read and understand the information regaring potential fraud penalties” and click “Next”.

know the rules in job4tn on tn unemployment

Contact Information

Now in this section you just review your contact information.

contact information in job4tn on tn unemployment

Eligibility Review Questions

These questions refer to the corresponding date for the certify weekly claim unemployment.

eligibility questions review in job4tn on tn unemployment

That is the way that I answered my questions.

Summary of Eligibility Review Answers

In this section you can review your answers. This offers you an opportunity to change (Click on “Change Eligibility Review Answers”).

Check the box that “I have read and understand the information…”

summary of eligibility review answers in job4tn on tennessee unemployment

What to Expect Next & Claim Status

It´s a very top of the page explanation, eligibility, job contacts, certification and complete. All boxes have been checked.

all boxes completed in job4tn on tn unemployment

In this case, you´ve done everything you need to do. You can look down here and read the claim status. It give you a claim umber, available credits, claim effective date, benefit year end date, payment date, weekly benefit amount, etc.

claim status in job4tn on tn unemployment

This is in fact a monetary determination. You can use this information to enter into the GM Sub Pay system if you need to. Click “Continue”.

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