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New MyUI Claimant Portal Overview

The Georgia Department of Labor provides a convenient single sign-on feature for accessing multiple unemployment insurance applications through the my UI claimant portal.

To access the portal, visit the GDOL homepage and click on the link for my UI claimant portal under online services. Log in with your password, or create a password if you don’t have one yet.

Once you log in, the my UI claimant portal gives you access to various features related to your unemployment claim. You can file a UI claim, request weekly benefit payments, manage your contact and payment information, and view the status of your claim. The dashboard on the portal provides an overview of your claim information, including the status, benefit year dates, and monetary establishment.

If there are any issues that may affect your eligibility for benefits, they will be displayed in the issues table. The payment summary shows the last five payments released to you, if applicable.

To track the progress of your claim, the Georgia Department of Labor has implemented a claim status tracker. Before filing a claim, the status bar will appear gray. Once you submit a claim, the status will change to yellow or green. Yellow indicates that your application is incomplete and needs to be completed for a confirmation number. Green means that your claim has been received and will be processed. You will receive an email and a determination will be mailed to you to inform you of your potential eligibility for benefits.

After your claim is processed, the status bar will show red or green. Red indicates that you did not earn enough wages to establish eligibility for benefits, while green means that your claim has been processed and is awaiting an eligibility determination. The eligibility determination may require additional time and may involve contacting your employer for more information regarding the cause of unemployment.

If you are found eligible for benefits, eligible payments will be released within two business days of the mailed date of the eligibility determination. If you are denied benefits, you have 15 days from the mail date to file for a reconsideration or appeal.

If you or your employer file an appeal, the appeal filed portion of the status bar will show yellow or green. Yellow indicates that the appeal has been filed and your most recent employer is being contacted for details about your separation. Green means that an appeal has been filed and has been scheduled for a hearing date.

On the my UI dashboard, you can access various services. You can file a claim for unemployment benefits, request weekly benefit payments, review the status of your weekly payment requests, update your payment method information, change your address and contact information, view your payment history, view monetary and eligibility determinations, file an appeal, submit your weekly work search records, and access tax withholding options and 1099-G information.

If you receive a notice or request for documentation from the Georgia Department of Labor, you can upload the documents through the portal. Additionally, the repayment of overpaid benefits can also be accessed through the my UI claimant portal.

Remember to keep your login information confidential and log out when you’re done accessing the applications within your my UI claimant portal.

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