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Is proof of job search required to apply for unemployment benefits?

Is proof of job search required to apply for unemployment benefits
[sin_anuncios_b30] The EDD announced that beginning in July it will be necessary to meet California’s job search requirements to receive unemployment benefits.

Millions of Americans lost their jobs because of the pandemic, forcing many to rely on state unemployment benefits. This support is intended to provide temporary financial assistance to workers who find themselves unemployed.

As the job crisis increased due to the pandemic, several states, including California, eliminated job search requirements to be eligible for benefits. However, as the economy reopens, the job search requirement must be met again.

California Unemployment Benefits: Is Proof of Job Search Required to Apply?

Recently, the California Employment Development Department (EDD) announced that those who receive or want to receive unemployment benefits will again be required to meet that requirement.

As California’s economy reopens, job growth continues, so as of July 11, 2021, those receiving unemployment benefits must meet the work search requirement to maintain their eligibility.

How do you meet the work search requirement?

EDD offers job search assistance at no cost through CalJOBS to search and apply for jobs or job openings. Also through the America’s Job Center of California (AJCC), which offers services that bring employers and applicants together.

In addition to registering with CalJOBS and the AJCC, the job search requirement is fulfilled by posting a profile on various job search sites, watching videos on job search related topics, expanding your network, and participating in permitted job training.

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