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Requirements to Look for Work

Requirements to Look for Work California Unemployment

In this post we´d like to talk about with you about the EDD requirements to look for suitable work to obtain unemployment benefits.

The EDD recently put this requirement back in place, and we want you to know that three are many resources available to help you return to work as the state´s economy bounces back.

How this affect you?

It means that beginning July 11, 2021, most customers are expected to look for work to meet eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits.

Let us give you sime background information.

The requirement to search for work has been a part of the unemployment insurance program since the program started. During the pandemic, the federal government temporarily allowed states to waive this requirement, and since March 2020 the work search requirement has been suspended in California.

When customers were asked if they had looked for work when completing their weekly certification for benefits, they were allowed to answer No and still be elegible for benefits. The EDD´s requirement for work have changed.

Now that the economy is improving, most people must look for suitable work each week if they want to be elegible to receive benefits.

Requirement to search for work

If you are required to look for work, the EDD will mail a notice to you explaining your new work search requirement. The EDD also have many resources available to help workers find reemployment services and return to safe and suitable work.

resources and requirements to search work in california unemployment


Certifying – Continued Claim Form (UI Claim Form)

Every customer who is currently collecting unemployment benefit must certify for benefits by completing a form every two weeks. Certifying is the process of answering basic questions on the Continued Claim form – or as many people refer to it, the UI Claim Form.

continued claim form california unemployment certifying

This form tells us if you are meeting elegibility requirements on a weekly basis and allows us to pay you if you are. The UI Claim Form asks you six questions to see if you are elegible to receive unemployment benefits.

Question 3 asks, “Did you look for work?” In a few minutes they´ll review a long list of work search activities you can complete to honestly answer Yes to this question. If you answer No, stating you did not look for work as required, you may be scheduled for an eligibility interview to get more information, which could result in a denial of your payments for that time period.

When do I need to start looking for work?

Most people collecting unemployment benefits are expected to start looking for work no later than July 11, 2021. You will receive a notice from us in the mail titled Work Search Requirement. This notice will tell you that your work search requirement is effective immediately.

We hope you already started looking for work, beginning Jully 11th, so you can honestly answer “Yes” that you have been looking for work when you certify for benefits. With the state´s economy reopening, job opportunities are available now. Don´t hesitate to take advantage of free job-search assistance available to you through America´s Job Center of California.

To find a location near you, visit:

What does it mean to look for work?

Any reasonable effort to look for work is acceptable. Looking for suitable work can include activities such as:

  • Preparing for your job seach
  • Searching for work online
  • Applying for jobs
  • Contact employers for individuals about potential jobs

There is a new webpage called Job Seeker: Returning to Work (, which has a long list of work search activities you can complete to allow you to honestly answer “Yes” to certification question “Did you look for work?”.

Common work search

Here is a simple list of the some of the most common work search  activities: Searching for jobs online, in newspapers, or in other publications. Applying or interviewing for a job, or taking an exam for civil service.

Talking with friends, past employers and community members virtually or in person about job openings. Sending resumés to employers or adding a resumé to a job board. Contacting employers, including past employers, about a job or a résumé that you submitted.

Creating a user profile on a professonal networking site. Registering with a staffing service, temp agency, recruiter, or placement agency. Attending a job-seeker event such as a job fair, virtual job fair, network event, or job club. Preparing for your job search by updating your resumé, watching videos on job-search topis, etc., and Participating in training courses that help you gain employment and don´t interfere with your availability to accept work. Some examples include courses in computer literacy ir English as a Second Language (ESL).

PUA  work search activities

If you are collecting PUA benefits, there are many other actions you can take as well, particularly for samll business owners and independent contractors.

PUA work search activities include:

  • Rebuilding your business by getting new clients
  • Bidding on new contracts
  • Performing marketing efforts

Expanding your network by attending networking events, participating in relevant workshops, and making any efforts to expand your business beyond services typically performed. Participating in training or education courses that will help your business and don´t interfere with your ability to return to full-time self-employment.

Establish an account

Establishing an account. If you are independent contactor who is available for work and performed work for an online platform, you can establish an account on another online platform to search, you can establish an account on another online platform to search for suitable work.

Work Search Activities

For additional lists of work search activities, as well as services available to help you find your next work opportunity, be sure to visit the: (Job Seekers: Returning to Work webpage).

Union Members

Please note that if you are a union member, you should answer “Yes” to certification Question #3, “Did you look for work?” if you´re registered with your union and meet the union´s reporting and dispatch  requirements.

Some people may be exempt form the requirement to look for work. You can learn more by visiting the Job Seekers: Returning to Work webpage (

As long as you are actively seeking work, you can answer “Yes” to Question #3. Remember, if you answer “No”,  the EDD may need to schedule a determination interview so we can talk to you, as you may not be elegible to receive unemployment benefits now that the state reopened and your requirement to look for work has changed.  The EDD is commited to helping al Californians get back on their feet, financially speaking.

We hope we´ve been helpful.

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