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How to File an Unemployment Insurance Claim

How to File an Unemployment Insurance Claim in Arizona

We would like to provide some tips on how to file a first time claim for unemployment insurance. To get started, please visit the web at

Once there, you may apply for unemployment benefits or file a weekly claim.

apply for ui benefits in arizona unemployment

If you don´t have internet access, you can use a computed free of charge at one of the one stop centers or DES Employment Service Offices. Not only will the staff at those offices help you with your application, it is a great resource for job seekers, providing all sorts of information on employment and training services.

Be carefull where you choose to connect to the website. When you use free internet access provided by public business, you run the risk of having the confidential information you provide being returned to the owner of the internet service.

Befire you log on, it´s a really good idea to get organized first. Make sure you have your last pay stub handy and have a pen and paper available to take notes. You will given information and instructions throughout the process which will be important to remember.

To ger started, please have all of the following information ready available or you won´t be able to file a complete claim. To avoid delays, please ensure the information is accurate by verifying it against your pay stub. Aside form the obvious information, like you correct name, your date of birth, your full address including ZIP code and county and your social security number (or Alien Registration number).

Information Neccesary to File an Initial Application for Unemployment Benefits:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Full address including ZIP code and county
  • Social Security Number (or Alien Registration number)

You will also need the following:

  • Entire employment history for the last 18 months
  • Correct names of the employer or employers if more than one for that 18 month period
  • Approximante dates of employment
  • Address of the employer´s main headquarters
  • Your last day ow work
  • Name an address of that particular employer

You will also need to provide exact amount of:

  • Vacation pay
  • Holiday pay
  • Sick pay
  • Severance pay received at the end of your employment

If you are receiving a pension form any employer recent or past, you´ll need the date you began receiving that pension and the monthly amount.

  • If receiving a pension, the date you began receiving those payments and the monthly amount.

In addition, if you have been in the military or are an ex-federal employee, you´ll need copies of:

  • DD-214
  • SF-8
  • SF-50 (as appropiate)

When you complete your application online, please read through all the screen carefully and double-check that you are entering all the information correctly.

For more information on unemployment insurance benefits, visit the website:

Thanks for reading and good luck finding that new job.

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