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Filing your Weekly Certification for PUA Benefits – Pennsylvania

Filing your Weekly Certification for PUA Benefits Pennsylvania

For the respective weekly certification of the PUA, you can consult the guide of this system for more details (

For any week you want payment, you can file a weekly claim, whether your eligibility is being determined or whether you have an appeal pending. You must answer all required questions on the weekly certification form.

Note: Some states may require a bi-weekly claim certification. The questions and screens that appear during the weekly certification submission may differ from state to state; their procedures may vary slightly from what is presented here.

To submit a weekly PUA certification

Access the PUA Portal home page for your status as usual. A home page similar to the one shown below will be displayed. You must choose the option “File Your PUA Weekly Certification”:

file your PUA weekly certification pennsylvania

You must then log in with your account. Within your work panel, you must choose the option shown in the following image:

weekly claim certification beneifts pennsylvania

The Weekly Certification Review page will appear. You must click the “File Your Weekly Certification to Continue Your Claim” button.

Certifications Review Page Displays

The process wizard for your weekly certification will begin with a page of explanation. Then, all questions must be answered for the corresponding week.

The next group of questions are about job offers and income. Again, answer all the questions for the period of the week indicated in the question. After this you must comply with what is asked in “Certification” and that’s it. For more details of the whole process, you can see it in the document at the following link:

At the end you will have a page which tells you the status of the claim. The message varies depending on each person’s circumstances.

claim status pennsylvania weekly unemployment

To complete this certification process and return to the main panel, click “Continue” or “Exit Weekly Certification”.

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