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Do I Need to Search for Work in Missouri?

In this post we’ll be addressing some common questions regarding unemployment in Missouri.

Do I Need to Search for Work?

Unless you have an approved recall date to return to work with your last employer or are in approved training, **you are required** to perform a minimum of three work search activities each week to be eligible for benefit payments.

When you file your weekly request for payment, you’ll need to report your work search activities. Some examples of work search activities include:

  • Job interviews
  • Submitting applications
  • Writing a resume
  • Networking
  • Completing an online job search, such as on Jobs.mogov, LinkedIn, or Monster
  • Sending an email to an employer

When reporting your work search activities, you’ll be asked for the following information:

  • The date you made contact
  • The employer’s name, address, and phone number
  • The person you contacted
  • The method of contact
  • The position you applied for
  • If an application was taken
  • The result of your contact

Failure to apply or accept suitable employment offered through the Division of Employment Security, the Job Center, or a former employer may result in the denial of benefits.

To find job openings, training opportunities, or locate a Job Center near you, please visit

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