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How to Navigate The Reemployment Assistance Claims Dashboard

How to Navigate The Reemployment Assistance Claims Dashboard

In this tutorial you will learn how to navigate the Reemployment Assistance Claims Dashboard. This tutorial intended to highlight the information resources displayed and updated daily on the DEO Reemployment Assitance Claims Dashboard.

The Reemployment Assistance Claims Dashboard is a part of our mission to offer transparency and show measure progress with as many data points as possible.

At the DEO homepage, users can reach the dashboard by selecting and click here under the Reemployment Assistance Dashboard title:

click here on reemployment assistance claims dashboard

This will take you to the main page of the dashboard. So let´s setep through the data points shown and explain what they mean.

Reemployment Assistance Claim Workflow

Primary data points are shown on the left-hand margin, they follow each of the primary steps of a claim process from intake to payout.

data shown on reemployment assistance claim dashboard

The right of these data points, more specific data points are outlined, including details on how many claims have been submitted and what methods was used. The number of claims in a verification queue, a monetary elegibility status those elegible for state or federal benefits and those deemed and elegible.

To view more granular data, you may select one of the fields on the left-hand margin by clicking on the data point.

data points on reemployment assistance claim dashboard

Total Claims Received

For example, by clicking “Total Claims Received” or confirm unique claims receive, you will find specific data regarding claims to the right.

data regarding claims on reemployment assistance claims dashboard

Each day we offer a running tally of all applications submitted to DEO from March 15th to the present. Total claims received reflects all paper applications and applications through the connect system as well as our new mobile-friendly online application because some claimants have filed more than once and through more than one.

Confirmed Unique Claims Received

The second number you see unique claims receive, reflects the total number of claimants once duplicates in triplicate applications have been eliminated for each individual applying.

confirm unique claims receive on reemployment assistance

After selecting total claims received, this data is shown in the graph on the bottom of the page. These field are also broken down to shown those applying for state benefits as well as federal benefit programms.

federal benefit programms for state on reemployment assistance

Claim Verification Queues

You can aslo hover your mouse over the claim verification queues on the home page:

claim verification queues on reemployment assistance

For claims verification, you can see specific reasons claims may currently be under review. These include verifications needed for individual claimants identification, that a claimant has no pending claims in other states, review to prevent fraud or verification of employment wages with an employeer.

claims verification on reemployment assistance

Note that in some cases a claim may be reviewed for more than one of these reasons.

Total Claim Processed

The next field on the left is “Total Claim Processed” by selecting the number of total claims process. You will see benefit determination for state benefits on the left. While a claimant may be ineligible for state benefits, they may qualify for federal pandemic unemployment assitance or PUA benefit.

total claims processed on reemployment assistance

As a result you see the further breakdown for federal determination. This is a number for those who while ineligible for state benefits have been approved for PUA. At the far right you will see total determinations that a claim was eligible for both state and federal benefit programms.

The graph below charts the processing of determinations on a daily basis.

Total Claimants Paid

Lastly on the left-hand margin you can select total claimants paid. At right you´ll be able to view graph charting paid in relation to total number of unique eligible claimants. The bar graph below reflects total amount of fund paid out across the three streams of funding state reemployment assistance, federal pandemic unemployment compensation and pandemic unemployment assistance.

total claims paid on reemployment assistance

Claimants By County And Industry

For those seeking snapshot data on claims based on county and industry, you can find that data as it becomes available.

claimants by county and industry on reemployment assistance

By going to the top of the page and selecting claimants by county and industry, this is useful and helping gauge the impacts to communities across Florida.

the claimants by county and industry on reemployment assistance

The Reemployment Assistance is updates Monday through Saturday. Please back often for the most up-to-date on reemployment assistance data. Visit for more information on Reemployment Assistance.

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