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When can you reapply for unemployment benefits in California?

When can you reapply for unemployment benefits in California

Unemployment assistance in California has stopped due to a large backlog of applications. Here’s when you can apply again.

Economic stimuli, such as unemployment benefits, continue to wreak havoc in the United States. This time, it is the state of California that is experiencing moments of crisis, as unemployment assistance of $300 a week on regular benefits has been stopped.

The reason why the payments have been stopped is because the California Employment Development Department (EDD) is currently presenting an excessive accumulation of unemployment claims resulting from the economic and social crisis that brought the outbreak of coronavirus; as well as a “clean” to prevent possible fraud.

In fact, the EDD reported that just over 600,000 applications have been on hold for at least three weeks. In addition, there are another million beneficiaries whose financial aid was suddenly interrupted “for various reasons” so they are still waiting for the department to resolve the problems so that payments can be reinstated.

California unemployment benefits stopped: When can you apply again?

According to the Unemployment Department, this problem will only take a couple of weeks to be solved, so it is estimated that it will be from the beginning of October that applications for unemployment assistance will begin to be accepted again, although of course, there are those who say that this restructuring could take longer than expected.

Such is the case of Senator Scott Wiener who stated that the process could take even months. “It’s overwhelming. People are suffering and living off their credit cards. They are saying it will take them months and months to clear this backlog and that is unacceptable,” Wiener said.

The halt in applications and payments comes after California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a report highlighting EDD’s delays in delivering benefits to Californians.

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