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What are the top job postings in my county? – Tennessee

Most common job postings often vary by region based on factors such as local industries, employer demand, and the area’s specific needs.

For instance, warehouses, healthcare, IT, sales, administrative work, manufacturing, and retail are often common sectors for job postings across many regions.  The labor market information section of is a valuable resource for anyone interested in career changes or seeking information on jobs, employers, and occupational outlooks in their area. Here’s how you can access some of the frequently sought-after information in this section:

Getting Started

To begin, visit

Top Job Postings in Your County

On the homepage, click on the Labor Market Information drop-down menu and select LMI Home. Then, at the top left corner of the page, click on Menu and choose Advertise Jobs Data under the Data Trends section. Next, select Job Openings by Occupation under the Jobs Data by Occupation section.

Searching for Job Openings

Under Search Options, click on Tennessee next to Area to change it to County. Then, select the county you want to search for by clicking on Multiple Occupations next to Occupation. You can search for occupations in various ways, such as All Occupations or by selecting a specific level and ONET SOC Occupation. Once you’ve made your choices, all the jobs in that county will be listed by individual occupation.

Sorting Job Openings

Clicking on the Job Openings column twice will display the occupations with the highest number of openings first. Keep in mind that this search shows jobs from the past month, but you have the option to change the time period for your search. is your go-to source for workforce development data in Tennessee.

In conclusion, while we cannot provide specific real-time data on the top job openings in your particular Tennessee county, resources such as the Jobs4TN website and local job centers can provide valuable information. The job market can differ significantly from county to county due to a variety of factors such as the presence of industries, locality needs, and local economic conditions. Therefore, to have a detailed and up-to-date knowledge of job openings in your county, it is recommended that you utilize local resources, including newspapers, job fairs, networking events and online portals. Regular monitoring of these resources can help job seekers stay informed about potential opportunities and trends in the local job market.

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