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Why is there no agreement on a second payment of $1,200?

Why is there no agreement on a second payment of $1,200

Republicans and Democrats fail to reach agreement on new bailout legislation, which will include a second stimulus check.

Although the U.S. continues to make progress in reopening, the truth is that there are still millions of Americans who are immersed in the economic and labor crisis that brought about the coronavirus outbreak, not to mention that the country has officially declared itself in recession.

That is why Republicans and Democrats continue to negotiate all possible proposals to reach an agreement on the new economic rescue, which is why Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate) has decided to delay the famous ‘August Recess’, however, reaching a consensus has taken longer than expected.

And it was just because of the lack of consensus that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, decided to take charge of the matter and issue his own executive orders, which will bring about an extension of unemployment aid, a moratorium on evictions, the cancellation of student loans and the suspension of interest on the payroll. However, a second round of stimulus checks is not included in such orders.

Second Stimulus Check: Why is there no agreement on a second payment of $1,200?

The reason why a second round of stimulus checks has not been considered in Trump’s executive orders is probably because it will be included in the new economic bailout, along with all the other items that are not part of the orders.

For now, both parties agree that citizens need a second round of payments, and according to the Republicans’ proposal, all those who were eligible in the first round of payments will also be eligible in the second, so it only remains to wait for a final agreement before the legislation is voted on and passed.

It is estimated that the checks will begin to be printed during the same week that the legislation is given, as announced by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

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