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How to File for PUA in Colorado

how to file for pua in colorado

In this article we will explain how to get the benefits of PUA. To begin with you must first know some of the conditions that are needed to apply for PUA.

Some of the conditions to access PUA in Colorado are the following:

  • If you’ve been self-employed in the last 18 months and pay taxes on that income.
  • If you are employed by a church or religious nonprofit organization that does not pay unemployment Some religious organizations may choose to pay unemployment and then you have to file a regular unemployment claim.

If you have exhausted your regular unemployment benefits, you may qualify for additional benefits. You can apply for either PEUC or PUA.

PUA Claim Process

The first thing you have to do is go to the website:

Within this website, you choose the option “NEW CLAIMANT”:

new claimant to file for pua on colorado unemployment

You go to the next option:

file a pua claim colorado unemployment

In here you must follow the steps that are mentioned to you.

Step 1

Pick up your 1040 tax forms for tax year 2018 or 2019, whichever you filed most recently. (As mentioned above, if you had any wages on a W2 you must file a regular UI claim here.) NOTE: This step does not apply if you are filing a PEUC.

Step 2

File a claim online. You will need to provide your driver’s license and you will need to accept Experian’s verification of identity or your claim will be delayed and you will not be able to receive your benefits.

Step 3

Review your claim before you file it.

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