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What did Mnuchin say about the second payment and unemployment insurance?

What did Mnuchin say about the second payment and unemployment insurance

Steven Mnuchin again touched on the subject of the second economic aid and unemployment insurance in the United States. Check out what he said.

Mnuchin testified Tuesday before a House Subcommittee in the White House, mainly on the new economic rescue package. These were the Treasury secretary’s first words since negotiations broke down in mid-August.

Still Differences

Although Mnuchin was a bit confident after the progress in the negotiations between Democrats and Republicans, the reality is that they still do not manage to solve the differences between both parties.

“Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shummer are not open to negotiations. They want to do everything the way they do, and otherwise they don’t lend themselves to dialogue. My opinion is that we must go piece by piece with Congress to approve the new economic aid,” Mnuchin acknowledged. One of the main differences between the two is that the Democrats are asking for a package of $2.2 billion, and although the Republicans and the Trump administration do not agree with that amount, Mnuchin said that “we are willing to continue negotiating.

For its part, Nancy Pelosi said that “unfortunately there are still many differences between what we and they see as a priority to protect Americans and help them overcome the coronavirus pandemic”.

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