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Possible dates for the second payment to be sent by the IRS

Possible dates for the second payment to be sent by the IRS

Negotiations on the new economic package continue to stall, here are the possible dates for the approval and distribution of the second stimulus check.

At the end of March, the American government approved the CARES Act, the largest bailout in the history of the country, to address the labor and economic crisis that followed the still latent outbreak of the coronavirus.

Although millions of Americans have benefited from this legislation, the CARES Act relief has come to an end, and American citizens are waiting for the approval of the next economic rescue.

However, such approval could take longer than expected, as Democrats and Republicans have failed to reach a bipartisan agreement. For their part, the Republicans are seeking a $1.3 trillion bailout, that is, $3 billion more than the CARES Act; while the Democrats think that a $2.2 trillion bailout is the best option.

So far, one of the main factors on which both parties agree is the allocation of a second round of stimulus checks, but the amount of this and the characteristics for eligibility continue to be discussed.

Second Stimulus Check: Possible dates for second payment to be sent by the IRS

It is worth mentioning that the Senate is currently in recess, which ends on September 8. If an agreement is reached in the first 15 days of September, it is estimated that the second round of stimulus checks will begin to be distributed as of September 28.

However, due to the lack of consensus between both parties, it is most likely that the approval will be delayed even more. In fact, experts say that the legislation could be given until next October, which would delay the distribution of the second check for one more month.

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