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The 4 IRS actions to locate beneficiaries not yet receiving stimulus checks

The 4 IRS actions to locate beneficiaries not yet receiving stimulus checks

Potential aid recipients have until November 21 to claim payment. The IRS does not have the data for these recipients because they are not required to file taxes because they are low-income.

Millions of Americans whose income in 2019 did not exceed $12,200; and in the case of couples, $24,400, have the option of claiming the money through the application.

But the development of this online option is only part of the efforts the agency has undertaken to try to locate recipients who are owed the money.

Information in several languages

The office shares on its website and social networks various information resources almost daily and in 35 languages. The material is not only aimed at the media, but at the general public. The content provides guidance on the use of Non-filers and other IRS-enabled tools related to the stimulus check, as well as updates on economic impact payments.

Sending letters

The IRS also began, in November, sending letters to Americans across the country who might be eligible for aid and have not received it.

The 9 million letters alert recipients that they must enter their information through “Non-filers” so the IRS can process the payment.

Most of the notices, according to an IRS release, would be sent to California, Texas, Florida and New York.

Deadline extended to November 21

Another action spearheaded by the agency to distribute full assistance under the CARES Act is the extension until November 21 of the deadline for completing the online application.

Although the initial deadline was October 15, the office decided to extend the period by an additional five weeks to give beneficiaries more time to complete the process.

November 10th as “National Day”

The most recent action taken by the IRS was the establishment of Nov. 10 as “National Economic Impact Payment Enrollment Day” in a further attempt to locate the millions of recipients of the stimulus check who have not yet received it.

During the day, the agency will intensify the public campaign to get Americans to register by applying.

For “National Economic Impact Payment Registration Day,” the IRS is planning a special social media effort to support the registration campaign in several languages. Currently, partner groups are working with the IRS to translate and make available information resources related to CARES payments in 35 languages.

“Our partner groups have been a critical part of the IRS’ unprecedented advertising and education campaign this year to communicate information about these payments to more people,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said in a statement last Friday on the agency’s website.

IRS Launches National Registration Day to Get Your Stimulus Check

The new deadline to register and get your stimulus check is November 21.

The IRS has designated Nov. 10 as National EIP Registration Day, which is an event intended to encourage those who do not normally file tax returns to register so they can receive their Economic Impact Payment (EIP, or better known as a stimulus check).

National EIP Registration Day will be supported by groups associated with the IRS within and outside the tax community, including those working with low-income and underserved communities.

Many of these groups have been working with the IRS to help translate and make stimulus check information available in 35 languages, according to Fortune.

The IRS also plans to promote this campaign in several languages through its social networks on Twitter (@IRSNews), Facebook @IRS and Instagram (@IRSNews).

The goal of this additional publicity is to draw people’s attention to the new deadline for registering for the stimulus check, November 21.

You can register through the IRS tool called Non-Filers.

Remember that the previous deadline was Oct. 15, which means that people now have an additional five weeks to provide their information.

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