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Didn’t you get a stimulus check? The IRS has good news for you

Didn't you get a stimulus check The IRS has good news for you

You still have a chance to get this money. Many people still don’t know why they didn’t receive a stimulus check of $1,200 or more. However, the IRS has good news for them, as it will extend the time for them to claim this money.

The IRS extended the deadline to claim the check from Oct. 15 to Nov. 21. This means that those who normally do not file taxes will have until next month to send their information to the IRS, as reported on Oregon Live.

The goal is to give this group of people the opportunity to receive their relief money, which began to be distributed in April. It should be noted that there are millions of people who qualify for the stimulus check, but the IRS does not have information on them to send it to them.

If you have not received your check, you must provide your information to the IRS through the Non-Filers tool, which is in Spanish. This way, you can get the money.

After two weeks of signing up, you can track your money through the Get My Payment tool.

The goal is for homeless people, those with little or no income, to provide their information to the IRS.

This would include married people with incomes under $24,400 a year and $12,200 for single people.

News About Second Stimulus Check

The chances that the second stimulus check will arrive before the election are exhausted. Trump continues to blame the Democrats for this.

A week ago, U.S. President Donald Trump was optimistic that negotiations could go well between Democrats and Republicans to reach an agreement and have a second economic stimulus check for Americans.

Days later, that second round of direct payments has not been approved and everything indicates that, as Mitch McConnell pointed out, it will not arrive at least before the presidential elections are held on November 3.

During the last presidential debate, President Trump attacked the leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, ruling that she cannot be negotiated with because she has mental problems.

Despite President Trump’s words, the negotiations continue and it seems that now there has been progress, at least that left between seeing Pelosi in an interview on Thursday night.

“We continue to be engaged in negotiations with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and I am very confident that we can reach an agreement,” the Democrat told the media.

Trump has approved a bigger package than what Democrats and Republicans are looking for, but several members of the Republican Party still consider it a big expense to raise the $1.8 billion package they proposed.

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