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Dependents for a Second Stimulus Check

Who would apply as dependents for a second stimulus check if approved

Legislation introduced after the CARES Act includes adult dependents. If President Donald Trump’s plan for a second stimulus check is approved, a family could get up to $3,000 for dependents.

That $3,000 would be in addition to the base payment of $1,200 per individual.

According to preliminary information on the president’s proposal, valued at some $1.8 billion, the intention is to send minimum payments of $1,000 for each applicable dependent.

So far everything sounds great. But, at the moment, White House spokespersons continue the talks without reaching an agreement-not only on the issue of new direct payments to individuals and families, but on other issues. That could change this Friday, after Trump’s 48-hour deadline for reaching a satisfactory outcome for the parties.

$500 per dependent is most likely

If Trump’s idea doesn’t go through, the $500 per dependent grant would most likely be maintained at a maximum of three, so the additional aid under that category would be $1,500.

The HEROES Act, passed by Democrats in May, established additional $1,200 per dependent checks applicable to three. But, in updated House delegation legislation introduced in late September, lawmakers lowered the amount to $500.

In that same legislative body, the proposal presented almost two weeks ago by the group that calls itself “problem solvers” is on the table. The bipartisan legislative piece, named “March To Common Ground,” also set the figure at $1,200 per individual and $500 for each dependent up to three.

The proposal involves a phased out outlay of $1.5 billion. The package, which sought to bridge the gap between Republicans and Democrats in approving new aid that includes the preferences of each delegation, was left on the table.

Adult Dependents

Another aspect to consider regarding the issue of credits for dependents is the fact that most of the legislation that succeeded the CARES Act and that has not been approved includes adult dependents, which would imply additional money for beneficiaries who were not eligible for these credits under the law approved in March.

The CARES Act, under which $1,200 and $500 stimulus checks are still distributed for up to three dependents, provided that only guardians with dependents under age 17 are eligible, greatly limiting the scope of the additional assistance.

One of the big changes in the new proposals on the table is that they don’t leave out parents with older college students as well as adults caring for other disabled adults.

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