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Less than one month left to claim IRS stimulus check owed through Non-filers

Less than one month left to claim IRS stimulus check owed through Non filers

Now you’re really running out of time! If you still don’t receive the $1,200 minimum stimulus check distributed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), know that you have less than a month to claim it.

The agency has set November 21 as the deadline for requesting the payment due.

The IRS decided to extend the period to an additional five weeks because millions of potential beneficiaries have not yet submitted their information to the office to process the payment.

At the end of September, the entity began sending letters in all states of the United States to some 9 million people who would be creditors of the money but have not received it because the agency does not have the information to process the payment.

In addition, IRS partner groups and organizations have been collaborating with the agency’s efforts to translate and make available information and resources for citizens on economic impact payments in 35 languages.

“We are taking this step to provide more time for those who have not yet received a payment to register and get their money, including those in low-income and underserved communities,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said in a statement in early October. “The IRS is deeply involved in processing and scheduling that overlaps with tax seasons. Any further extension beyond November would negatively affect our work in the 2020 and 2021 tax filing seasons. The Non-Filers website has been available since the spring and has been used successfully by many millions of Americans,” he added.

Through the Non-filers tool, available on the IRS website, users who are not required to file taxes because they are low-income can enter their information and help the agency expedite the payment process.

The office clarified that the online option does not apply to taxpayers who requested an extension of time to file their 2019 tax return, whose deadline was October 15.

Non-Filers is based on Free File’s fill-in forms, part of the Free File Alliance’s free product offering on

The tool is designed for people with incomes generally under $24,400 for married couples and $12,200 for singles who cannot be claimed as dependents by someone else. This includes couples and individuals who are homeless or do not generate any income.

Here you can follow the step-by-step process to submit your information through Non-filers if you are eligible for that alternative.

Have Pelosi and Mnuchin made progress on the new $1,200 aid plan?

Democratic spokesperson reports additional steps in planning. Although there is no concrete agreement yet, negotiations on the new coronavirus financial aid plan have advanced, reported Drew Hammill, spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.).

The meeting between the Democrat and the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, lasted 48 minutes, where they reached agreement on the wording of the law, leaving aside the details of the points not yet agreed upon.

“Differences continue to narrow in health priorities, including language that provides for a national testing and infection tracking plan,” Hammill said.

He added that the focus is on ensuring schools as safe spaces.

Negotiations will resume tomorrow, as House committees make adjustments to the requests on the bill’s wording.

“The Chair and Secretary plan to speak again tomorrow, hopefully with more guidance from the committee chairs as they work to resolve the questions,” he said.

Although there are reports that privately he doubts the bill being negotiated by Pelosi and Mnuchin – endorsed by President Donald Trump – Senate leader Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) said he would secure a vote on the economic package to address the pandemic emergency.

The bill would provide ample tax funds for businesses, small businesses and the $1,200 in direct aid to individuals, although it is not clear that it can be voted on in Congress before the Nov. 3 elections.

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