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A $2,000 stimulus check may still be issued in January

A $2,000 stimulus check may still be issued in January

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for negotiations for a larger stimulus check. The new stimulus package just signed by President Trump this Sunday has a Jan. 15 deadline, which means the IRS must mail the money by that date.

It should be recalled that U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said earlier this week that payments could be made within the first three weeks of 2021.

On the other hand, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that this Monday she would call the House of Representatives back to session to vote on a bill where they plan to increase the amounts of the stimulus checks to $2,000. “To vote against this bill is to deny the economic hardship that families face,” Pelosi said.

He added, “If the President is serious about direct payments of $2,000, he should ask the House Republicans to end their obstruction.

He said this because on Thursday morning, Republican Party members in the House of Representatives blocked the Speaker’s attempt to get more money for the check.

With this new negotiation that will take place today Monday, the probability that a bigger check will be handed out is still alive.

Who could receive up to $5,800 if Trump’s stimulus check proposal passes

Trump is pushing for the check not to be $600, but to reach $2,000 per person. Although lawmakers had already approved a stimulus package that would include a second $600 stimulus check for eligible citizens, President Trump pushed for the amount to be higher, up to $2,000 per person, so negotiations are still underway to see if this is possible.

If the $2,000 stimulus check is approved, this would be the maximum amount an individual could receive, and while it is not yet clear how much will be distributed for each dependent child – because negotiations are still ongoing – it is very likely that an extra $600 will be given for each of them.

Therefore, in households where there are two parents and three children, and all are eligible to receive the second stimulus check, they could receive the full amount of $5,800.

That would be $4,000 for the two adults ($2,000 each), and $1,800 for the three children ($600 each).

Keep in mind that the negotiations are not yet complete, so the amounts of money we are proposing here could change over the course of the days.

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