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How the process of granting the second stimulus check will be now with the signed package

How the process of granting the second stimulus check will be now with the signed package

We tell you who will receive the second stimulus check and when. Adults with income on their 2019 tax returns of up to $75,000 a year will receive a $600 stimulus check. On the other hand, a couple earning up to $150,000 a year and filing taxes together will receive $1,200 ($600 each).

If they have dependent children, they will also receive $600 for each child. An important fact is that if your children are over 17, they won’t be eligible for a payment, which means you won’t be able to collect on their behalf.

People who have earned more than this money will receive less than $600, as this amount will be reduced by $5 for every $100 over the above.

About the time it will take for the money to arrive at the homes, some people may receive their stimulus checks in two weeks. But it will be a while before everyone who is eligible receives their money.

This is because the second stimulus check will be deposited directly to many recipients, but there will also be paper payments and prepaid cards, and the money sent in these last two forms will take longer to arrive.

Will you get the second stimulus check if you don’t file your 2019 taxes?

You should know if you are eligible to apply for the money from the second stimulus check. To give the second stimulus check, the IRS will use your 2019 tax returns to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive the money. However, keep in mind that people who were not required to file a tax return in 2018 or 2019 may still be eligible to receive the first check, so they will most likely be eligible for the second stimulus check again.

The reasons you weren’t required to file a tax return are:

-You’re over 24, you’re not claimed as a dependent by someone else and your income is less than $12,200
-You are married and file a joint tax return, and your income is less than $24,400.
-You have no income.
-You receive federal benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance

To receive the first stimulus check, these non-taxpayers had to provide their information to the IRS through the ‘Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here‘ tool.

Although at the moment the tool is closed, it is being proposed that it be reopened for people who have not given their data to the government to provide them with the money.

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