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View and Complete an Action Item – BEACON Maryland

View and Complete an Action Item

In this tutorial, you will see how to view and complete Action Items.

Action item are alerts which require attention to complete through the Claimant Portal. Log into BEACON. Enter the Username and Password.

The Action Items panel can be viewed from the Home Screen. This indicates if there are open action items which require attention.

View and Complete the Action Items

To view the Action Items, select in the Alerts & Messages panel, or select the view hyperlink in the Action Items panel.

view the action items on beacon maryland unemployment

To complete an Action Item, click the blue hyperlink.

Action Items will navigate to the appropriate screen to complete the required action.

Supporting Documentation

action items documentation on beacon maryland unemployment

This Action Item was for uploading required documentation. The document would then be uploaded here and submitted.

Weekly Certification

weekly certification action item on beacon maryland unemployment

This action item was for completing a Weekly Claim Certification. The required steps would then be completed.

Due date

due date action item on beacon maryland unemployment

Keep in mind some action items have due dates. Failure to complete an action item by the due date may result in a delay or denial of benefits.

After an Action Item has been completed, it will be removed from the Action Items Screen.

This completes the tutorial for Action Items.

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