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How to Request Weekly PUA – Georgia Unemployment

how to request weekly pua on georgia unemployment

In this tutorial we´re gonna go over how we are requesting our weekly PUA payments for my dad. So the first thing that we´re  gonna do obviously is go into the Georgia Department of Labor website that´s

Request Your Weekly PUA

When you get into this website, you´re gonna scroll down into “Request Weekly PUA Payment”.

request weekly pua payment on georgia unemployment

Now you want to make sure that you click this if you´re regular unemployment, then you know you´re going to go into the one right above it. If you´re receving PUA benefits, then this is the link that you want to use to request your weekly PUA payment.

So we´ll click that, and when we click that, we go into this screen:

pua certification access on georgia unemployment

Personal Information

In this screen is where we´re going to enter the date of what we´re trying to claim. We click this and then you´re going to put in your social security and then you´re also going to put in your PIN number. Remember your PIN number that you´ve been using to apply for unemployment, to apply for PUA, that´s the same PIN number that you´re going to put here.

pin and social security to request your weekly pua on georgia unemployment


Now we´re gonna go ahead and make the request for this week and we´re gonna to answer the questions.

questions to request your weekly pua on georgia unemployment

For number one: Were you able, available and actively seeking work for the week in wahtever date that you´re gonna do you can do this for all the past weeks that you didn´t work or you partially work, but remember if you are gonna do partial worked, partially worked week stand, make sure you are reporting your gross earnings.

That´s the direction that Georgia Department of Labor has given us and even on the actual page you´ll see.  Make sure you report any gross wages during the week they are earned, even if you have not actually been paid for the work.

direction georgia dol department unemployment to requesto your weekly pua

In the third question: Did you work or earn wages in employment or self-employment during the week?, for some of you, you´re going to say “Yes” and then you may report whatever you earned. If you put “No”, you can skip the rest and leave all of that blank, don´t try to answer any of that, don´t try to say you are still working for this employer because there´s some confusion about that.

I want to mention that Social Security benefits do not have to be reported, that is clearly stated by the Georgia Department of Labor. Answer all questions as appropriate.

I certify I am totally or partially unemployed this week because:

In this section:

some questions to request your weekly pua on georgia unemployment

Now this one is providing some confusion to many people. In the case of my dad, we put his place of employment is closed as a direct result of the pandemic.

Now for some of you who are gig workers, we´ve heard that some of you are saying that you have to put this in “I am not unemployed or partially unemployed or unable to work due..”, and then you´re putting in your reason.

questions to uber drivers or gig workers to requestes the weekly pua on georgia unemployment

Finally you click on submit.

Your Payment in Process

And now we´ll expect that payment to hit to be updated. We hope this is gonna be of some help for those of you who are under the PUA programm. For those of you who have any questions or comments, please use the comments section.

Try to use Google Chrome browser when you are doing your weekly claim. Clear the search history if it´s already working.

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