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How to Apply for PUA Application – Georgia Unemployment

How to Apply for PUA Application Georgia Unemployment

In this tutorial we´re going to talk about Georgia PUA application. This is the tutorial about PUA application for:

  • Gig workers
  • Self-employed
  • The people with limited work history
  • The 1099 contractors

Some fo you have started to receive that application as of last week and hopefully you´re having a smoother time with it than we are, but I just want to bring this tutorial to you as well as some of the documentation that you will be required to submit just in case they´re not able to prove your wages, prove your employment.

Remember you have to apply for the regular state unemployment and then you get denied and then you will receive the email for the PUA application provided you meet the elegibility requiermentes for this program, for this Federal Pandemic Program.

Ok! Let´s get to the PUA application right now.

Apply for PUA Application

Now when you click in the link in the email that you´ll be receiving to fill out the PUA application, you´ll get to this screen and it basically looks like the initial screen for the Georgia Department of Labor unemployment application. Make sure you read everything acknowledge, put your social security number into the fields as well as that pin, remember that pin that you set up in the initial application and then you should be good to go to the next step.

information to apply for pua application georgia

Personal Information

Now the next step is basically all your information, your social security number, your name, your address, your email address. If you scroll down and you´re just basically confirming making sure everything is correct.

personal information to apply for pua application on georgia

Supplemental Information

In the next screen you´ll be stating why you are applying for PUA. Find the the option most related to your case and then don´t forget to note as well that you are self-employed, that your are a gig worker or independent contractor. And then you´ll also acknowledge that in authorized in Georgia Department of Revenue to disclose your tax information.

Employment Details

The information on the next page is basically pre-populated just make your employer name, your start date and type of work in the amout of hours you were working per week is accurate.

employment details to apply for pua application on georgia

Now in the next screen you´re gonna to make sure that employer information is all accurate. Just make sure that you are putting in your last employer. first you begin with your employement details with the last place you worked, your employer name, their information, the address and all of that. Just make sure that you read each section of this page and fill it out accordingly.

employer information details to apply for pua application on georgia

Supplemental Wage Information

In the next section you´re going to be entering your earnings per quarter. If you look at first column, it says calendar quarter not calendar month. Don´t make the same mistake or oversight that I know some of the people I know have made. That´s not January 2019 (1/2019), that´s the first quarter of 2019, so that´s January, February, March. there are three months in each quarter.

supplemental wage information to apply for pua application on georgia

So the next quarter would be April, May, June and the one after that July, August, September, and your fourth quarter in 2019 would be October, November and December. And then you would put your total earnings for each for those quarters and then the documentary evidence that you´re going to be submitting to the Georgia Department of Labor, that´s like you 1099 or your tax returns and so forth you´ll find out more about what kind of documents in just a second.

In this next page, this is basically confirming what you just entered in the previous screen.

confirm supplemental wage information to apply for pua application on georgia

Information for Self-Employed Individuals Data

On the next page you´re going yo be filling out more information about your self employment status. Select the type of self-employement, do you operate as a sole owner or a partner, describe the nature of your self-employment, so basically what type of work you´re doing or what your title is, the date that you began your self-employment.

And then you´ll be answering some more questions, somo yes or not questions did the self-employment require any part of your time in the performance of service is. Basically the questions are going to revolve arround did the pandemic prevent your from working right doing the type of work that you are accustomed to the type of work that you were used to doing before this pandemic.

information for self employed individual data questions to apply for pua application on georgia

The last part is gonna be asking you about your proof of self-employment that you will have to submit within 21 days, so just have your documentation prepared.

documentation to information for self employed individuals data to apply for pua application on georgia

Acknowledge and Submit Claim

Finally  you will be confirming that you are telling the truth that everything that you have submitted to the Georgia Department of Labor is as factual and correct and true to the best of your knowledge. Please don not make any up make anything up do not lie, do not any false statements on these because you will be held responsible.

acknowledge and submit claim to apply for pua aplication on georgia

PUA Claim Confirmation

Now on the last screen, you will get your confirmation number for your PUA. Keep a copy. If you don´t have a printer, just take a screenshot copy it. Just put everywhere you can so you can follow up on this.

pua claim confirmation georgia unemployment

Now once you finally finish the PUA application, you´re going to get an email and if your email is asking for proof of documentation because your wages could not be verified just like the application that we filled out for my dad, you´ll get that email and they´ll ask for proof of employment and wages and what this is your proof of earnings, the money that you made and what they´re saying is acceptable.

Proof of Earnings/Wages

  • 2019 IRS Form 1040 and a copy of Schedule C, Schedule F or Schedule SE tax return.
  • 2019 State Income tax return.
  • 1099 documentation.
  • Pay stubs, earnings statements, or vouchers.
  • Bank record showing payroll direct deposits.

Proof of Self-Employment

Then you also have to submit proof of self-employment:

  • Recent recors connected to your business, such as bank records.
  • Phone, utility or insurance bills.
  • Sales tax return.
  • Current business license.
  • State or Federal Employer Identification Number.
  • Property titles, deeds, or rental agreement for your place of business.
  • Recent newspaper, phone, book or internet advertisement of your business.
  • Statement(s) from recent customers.
  • Billing notices, invoices or sales records.

So just have those documentation ready to submit for your claim.

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