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Apply for Georgia Unemployment Insurance Benefits

How to Apply for Georgia Unemployment Benefits

Here is how to apply for unemployment insurance online in Georgia. Go to the website:

Go to your browser and turn the pop-up blocker off. Usually it´s under your preferences and here we can see uner websites and pop-up windows. We´re going to allow the pop-ups or turn the pop-up blocker off.

pop up on browser to apply for unemployment insurance benefits on georgia

Once the pop-up blocker is off, return to the Georgia Department of Labor homepage and under “Online Services”, you will se “Apply for Unemployment Benefits”.

apply for unemployment benefits georgia unemployment

Read all the information and click the box that says that you have read and understand the information.

read the information to apply for unemployment benefits on georgia

Once the acknowledgement block is clicked, you can start populating the applicationb fields. Enter information into every field that has the red asteriks.

information to apply for georgia unemployment benefits

You can clear the information and start again or if the information is correct click continue.

Two Emails You Receive

After you finish your application you will receive two emails:

The first email says that we have received your application. Please wait until you receive.

The second email which will state that your claim has been processed.

Then you can start claiming your wekly benefit amount.

Check Your Claim Status

To keep up with you claim boy going yo the website: and click on “Check My UI Claim Status”.

check ui claim status on georgia unemployment


If you need any help, return to the homepage and click “Contact Us”. There you will find phone numbers and addresses for local carrers centers a service directory and email addresses.

contact georgia unemployment

Let us know if we can help.

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