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Work Search for the Self-Employed – Tennessee

Self-employed individuals in Tennessee may face unique challenges when trying to meet work-search requirements for certain benefits, like unemployment.

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development (TDLWD) offers guidance to help these individuals navigate through the unemployment-benefit process. Starting September 27, 2020, as part of the work search requirement in Tennessee, you must provide three potential job contacts each week to remain eligible for unemployment benefits. Here’s how:

1. Log in to your account

First, **log on** to your account.

2. Navigate to **Unemployment Services**

In your account, **navigate to the unemployment services box** and select **Weekly Claim Certification**.

3. File your weekly certification

Click on **File Your Weekly Certification** to continue your claim. There’s an explanation of the **weekly certification process**. When ready, click **Next**.

4. Acknowledge the information

Next, you’ll need to **acknowledge that you’ve read and understand the information** about potential fraud. Then, ensure your **contact information is correct and up to date**.

5. Answer eligibility questions

Answer the **questions about your eligibility**. Once completed, you’ll move to the page where you can enter your three work searches.

6. Enter work search information

If you’re self-employed and have advertised or contacted potential clients, fill out the **contact information** accordingly:

  • If you advertised by **email blast**, enter the contact information.
  • If you advertised through **social media**, enter the contact information.
  • If you contacted potential clients by **phone**, enter the contact information.
  • If you contacted a potential client **in person**, enter the contact information.

Next, **type in your job title** from the given options and select the closest fit. Choose one of the suggested occupations and indicate your interest and contact with the potential employer.

Then, **select the date** you completed the work search. Remember, it must have been done within the week you are currently certifying for. If you did this work search in a prior week, it won’t count towards your three for the current week.

In the notes section, feel free to add any additional information about the work search. Saving your work search will prompt you to enter more. Select **Yes** to continue completing your three work searches.

7. Review and confirm

After entering at least three work searches, click **No** under additional job contacts. **Review the answers and information** you’ve entered, and confirm that you’ve read and understood the information about potential fraud.

8. Finish the process

Click **Next**, and if you’re done, select **No, I would like to stop**. This completes the process.

Remember, failure to complete three work searches will result in the denial of benefits for that week.

For accurate, up-to-date information, self-employed individuals seeking work in Tennessee are encouraged to contact the TDLWD or consult its website. This will provide the most current guidelines for self-employed work search requirements.

Please note this information may vary as regulations and requirements can change over time, and the effects of any temporary waivers may differ.

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