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What is my county’s unemployment rate? – Tennessee

Monitoring local unemployment rates is paramount in gauging the economic health of a region.

As a key economic indicator, the unemployment rate paints a vivid picture of the state’s job market conditions. It’s of note that while statewide metrics provide a general view, unemployment rates can differ substantially when broken down to the county level.

The labor market information section of offers a plethora of valuable information that can be crucial if you’re contemplating a career switch or if you desire more insight on employers, jobs, or occupational outlooks in your area.

Here’s how you can access some of the frequently sought-after data within this section:

Step 1: Visit

To get started, simply visit

Step 2: Find your county’s unemployment rate

On the homepage, click on the labor market information drop-down menu and select LMI home. At the top left corner of the page, click on menu, and then choose employment and wage data under the data trends section. From there, select labor force employment and unemployment under the labor force data section.

By clicking on filter, you can modify the geography type to county. Afterwards, select your desired county. This will display the most up-to-date unemployment rate. You can also adjust the time period by using the filter.

In addition to the unemployment rate data, you’ll also find graphs illustrating various time periods. This data can be downloaded from the data download center on

With, you have a reliable source for valuable workforce development data in Tennessee.

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