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Who will receive their third stimulus check this week

Who will receive their third stimulus check this week

IRS continues with deposits to bank accounts, but already sent checks and debit cards.

Those who did not provide their bank account information to the IRS should watch their mailboxes for the beginning of the arrival of physical checks and debit cards, officials said.

“The IRS continues to send out a third round of stimulus payments in record time,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said in a statement. “Since this new set of payments will include more payments by mail, we urge people to watch their mail carefully for a check or debit card.”

Some people will be able to see their envelopes this week, but because the mailing is staggered, most will be able to get it over the course of the next two weeks.

The agency said the “vast majority” have been receiving their $1,400 payment directly into bank accounts.

It previewed that the electronic payments will have an official date of March 24, although some people may see the money in their bank account earlier as “provisional” or “pending” deposits, especially some couples who filed joint tax reports.

While the Treasury Department envelopes will be clearly marked, officials asked people to check their mail, as previous mailings many recipients sent the envelope in the trash.

It should be clarified that each week, the IRS will release new payments on a weekly basis until it meets its goal of sending the financial assistance per person, plus the $1,400 for children or dependents.

Individuals earning more than $80,000 per year or couples earning more than $160,000 per year will not receive any support. This is 17 million fewer people.

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