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Who will receive the third stimulus check this week?

Who will receive the third stimulus check this week

IRS continues to send $1,400 in assistance.

The IRS sends weekly stimulus checks and debit cards to the millions of people who have yet to receive the $1,400 aid.

On March 24, the agency sent out an unspecified number of benefits, which began arriving in dribs and drabs a few days ago, but most will arrive this week.

Included in that package are people who did not provide their bank account number when they reported their taxes, but are easily located with their physical address.

In an additional transaction, the IRS sent nearly 30 million in aid to Social Security beneficiaries and veterans, as well as other groups that receive federal assistance but do not need to report taxes annually.

This was made possible after the Social Security Administration turned over the information to the Treasury Department and under pressure from Congressional Democrats.

The IRS will continue to mail checks and card under the American Recovery Plan this week, but the envelopes will take two weeks to arrive and, in some cases, up to three.

The agency includes people who are eligible, but had problems receiving the money in their bank account – because of a number error or inactive account – changed their address or made adjustments to their information.

It should be clarified that there is no formal IRS schedule as to who specifically the checks are sent to, but weekly issues are maintained.

What to consider

Individuals who have not received IRS assistance are advised to:

  • Check your mail to avoid putting your check or card envelope in the trash.
  • If you moved in the last month, you should update your IRS and USPS information.
  • MORE INFORMATION: In the Get My Payment tool you can track the IRS process.

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