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These are the requirements for you to receive the second stimulus check

These are the requirements for you to receive the second stimulus check

The House of Representatives votes on the new stimulus bill. Hope is still alive for a second stimulus package to pass, so eyes are on the House of Representatives, where the initiative is being put to a vote today.

If the new stimulus package is approved, and signed by President Donald Trump, many programs that are at risk of ending on December 31st would be saved.

The proposed new $900 billion stimulus bill, which provides for the sending of a second $600 stimulus check

Pending the second stimulus check

Now, if the package is approved, the second stimulus check would begin arriving early next year, estimates Howard Gleckman, senior researcher at Urban-Brookings’ Center for Fiscal Policy.

Although the new stimulus package has not yet been approved, the requirements and conditions are expected to be the same as those issued in the Pandemic Economic Assistance, Relief, and Security Act (CARES Act).

We mean that individuals with incomes less than $99,000 per year, heads of households with incomes less than $146,000 per year, and taxpaying couples with incomes less than $198,000 per year would be eligible for the second stimulus check.

Stimulus package put to a vote

In this new $900 billion package, which could be approved soon, the $600 support would be extended for each family dependent, regardless of age.

These are only estimates taking into account the CARES Act, but for more details, we will have to wait for the new stimulus law to be approved before the requirements and conditions for obtaining the benefits of this second stimulus package are made known.

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