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Stimulus check of $600 and unemployment extension, aid that will not be lacking in new package before Congress

Stimulus check of $600 and unemployment extension, aid that will not be lacking in new package before Congress

Congressmen are finalizing details of the $900 billion legislation, while trying to move forward to prevent a shutdown of the federal government. Although Republicans and Democrats have made considerable progress on most of the points that a new coronavirus stimulus package would contain, the parties may have to extend legislative work over the weekend to finalize the plan.

The legislation, valued at about $900 billion and which at the last minute included minimum $600 stimulus checks, would be tied to the new $1.4 trillion spending bill, so the expectation is that some federal government agencies will have to close briefly over the weekend if the parties don’t reach a funding agreement by midnight this Friday.

That’s when the deadline for approval of new funding that congressmen temporarily renewed a week ago comes around.

The consensus on Capitol Hill at the moment is that a new stimulus-check package tied to the spending bill will be passed as soon as possible; but exactly when, is unclear.

The details are no less important than the substance of the measures, Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday.

For his part, the spokesman for the Republican majority in that body, Mitch McConnell, said yesterday afternoon that the senators will not abandon their work without reaching an agreement to keep the government open, most likely until next September, which will go hand in hand with economic aid for coronavirus.

At least four agreed issues

Four issues are currently secured as part of a new stimulus package that would benefit millions of Americans economically, many of whom would be left without additional unemployment assistance this December 26th under the CARES Act passed bipartisanly in Congress last March.

The following are the aids whose inclusion in the new legislation is imminent:

  1. Money for vaccine distribution and for schools.
  2. Extension of $300 weekly unemployment benefits until March.
  3. $330 billion for small business loans.
  4. A second round of stimulus checks of $600 minimum per adult.

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