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Second Stimulus Check: Can Requirements and Eligibility Change?

Second Stimulus Check Can Requirements and Eligibility Change

With Trump’s executive orders, Americans are questioning whether this will affect eligibility and requirements for the second stimulus check.

The citizens of the United States continue to suffer the ravages of the coronavirus; although the rate of daily cases has decreased, the truth is that the labor and economic crisis persists, as the country is facing a major recession.

That is why millions of Americans are waiting for the approval of the new economic rescue, which is estimated to include all the sections that were left out of the series of executive orders signed by the President of the American Union, Donald Trump, such as the second round of stimulus checks.

The Second Stimulus Check: Can requirements and eligibility change?

Negotiations on this new economic package are taking place under Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate) and the Trump administration, represented by Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, and Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff.

According to Mnuchin, both Republicans and Democrats agree that there should be a second payment, however, negotiations are still ongoing, as the Senate wants eligibility to be similar to what happened previously in the CARES Act; that is, any citizen with an income of less than $99,000 a year will be able to apply for this financial aid, as long as they have a Social Service number.

That said, those who do not have a green card or have not passed the substantial presence test will not be eligible; as for the extra money per dependent, Republicans are looking to offer $500 regardless of age limit (maximum three dependents).

For their part, Democrats want the extra help per dependent to be $1,200 and for non-residents who file tax returns, through an individual taxpayer identification number instead of a Social Security number, to be paid as well.

For now, it only remains to wait for a bipartisan agreement to be reached before the new economic rescue, and with it the second stimulus check, becomes a reality.

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