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New Groups That May Receive Second Payment

New Groups That May Receive Second Payment

Negotiations on the new economic bailout continue to stall, however, these are the possible new beneficiaries who could receive the payment.

Negotiations on the new economic bailout continue to stall and it will not be until September 8 that meetings to discuss the package will resume, as the Senate is currently in recess.

Of course, there is a possibility that legislators will be called on to vote sooner, as long as there is a bipartisan agreement. However, Democrats and Republicans do not see this as a viable option, as one of the main differences between the two parties is the total amount of the bailout. For their part, the Republicans want the bailout to be $1.3 trillion, while the Democrats opt for a $2.2 trillion package.

Despite the differences between the two parties, both Republicans and Democrats agree that the U.S. population needs a second round of stimulus checks, this, to face the labor and economic crisis unleashed by the outbreak of the pandemic. However, the eligibility of beneficiaries is still being discussed.

Second Stimulus Check: New Groups That May Receive Second Payment

Although nothing has been decided yet, according to the proposals launched by both parties, there are three new groups that could benefit from the arrival of the second round of stimulus checks; these people would be the dependents of all ages, since in the first stimulus check only dependents under 17 could receive the extra $500.

In addition to dependents of all ages, Americans living abroad could also apply for the check, including residents of Puerto Rico and Guam, although it should be noted that the tax authorities distribute the payments and not the federal government.

Similarly, those who do not have a valid Social Security number may apply for the second payment, this, through the Taxpayer’s Personal Identification Number (ITIN). For now, all that remains is for Democrats and Republicans to reach an agreement so that the new economic bailout, and with it the second check, can be approved.

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