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Have you asked for your stimulus check yet? The time limit to do so is running out

You haven't asked for your stimulus check The time limit to do so is running out

You have to register in the Non-Filers tool, which is in Spanish, to receive your check. The time to request the stimulus check is running out, with approximately two weeks for people to register with the IRS to receive federal aid payments.

College students and low-income adults may be among those who qualify for the money, but have not yet received a check because the IRS does not have their information to send it to them.

Because of this, the IRS plans to contact people who may be eligible to remind them to register as soon as possible, since the deadline for doing so is November 21.

The IRS said that there are about 9 million people who have yet to register for the Non-Filers tool so they can get their checks sent to them. The agency sent letters in the mail to remind these people about the money.

These individuals are adults who are not required to file annual tax returns, such as seniors, low-income households or college students who are not claimed as dependents by their parents.

Which group may still qualify for the stimulus check and didn’t know

They have until November 21 to claim their stimulus check. The IRS asked all eligible self-sufficient college students, who do not need to file a tax return, to register by Nov. 21 so they can receive a stimulus check before the end of the year, the IRS said in a statement.

National Registration Day will be held Nov. 10 to remind people, who normally don’t file taxes, that they can register for a stimulus check using the IRS’ Non-Filers

The IRS, in particular, wants to remind students who are self-supporting with low incomes that they may be eligible for a payment of $1,200 or more.

“The IRS is working hard across the country to raise awareness about the upcoming deadline to register for a payment. College students, in particular, must be careful not to overlook these payments if they are self-supporting and cannot be claimed as dependents on someone’s tax returns,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.

The IRS emphasized that only self-supporting students who are not required to file a tax return should use the Non-Filers tool. Therefore, dependent students do not qualify. This means that any student who is claimed as a dependent by their parents or another person cannot receive a payment.

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