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How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Oregon

how to apply for unemployment benefits in oregon

We´re doing this tutorial to demostrate how to get started applying for an initial claim for unemployment insurance benefits with the state of Oregon Employment Department.

If your employment situation has been impacted by the pandemic, we´re specifically gonna look at who qualifies for an unemployment insurance benefits under the expanded rules, we´re gonna give you a few tips and tricks for getting started with the online claim and then we´re also going to talk about filing your weekly reports or weekly claims after you’ve filed your initial claim. So let’s go ahead and get started.

First we’re gonna look at the State of Oregon Employment Department webpage that’s where we need to start, so you can go there directly by going to: You can also Google it or web search it. Oregon Employment Department are good search terms that should get you straight to it.

The Employment Department has pulled out some pretty relevant links right at the top and this page is gonna have a lot of good information for how to fill out the application for your
situation relating to pandemic. It’s also gonna show us who qualifies.

So the way that unemployment insurance works is if you haven’t applied yet you go and you file
an initial claim. After you file that initial claim, in fact the Sunday after you file an initial claim, for every week that you’re unemployed you’re going to file a weekly claim also sometimes referred to as a weekly report.

Apply For Unemployment Insurance Benefit

There are two ways to apply:

On the phone

You can also apply by phone. Right now, a lot of people are calling, so you may have to wait on hold.

Regular Unemployment
1-877-File-4-U (1-877-345-3484)


The fastest way to apply is through our Online Claims System. For regular unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, you will fill out an online form.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter your information correctly on your application. Your money will be delayed for days or even weeks if you make a mistake. Be very careful with your social security number (SSN) and address.

To begin, you must select the “Use the Online Claim System” option.

apply for unemployment benefits in oregon unemployment

Select the option “File Your New Claim”:

file your new claim for unemployment benefits in oregon unemployment


For regular unemployment benefits, you’ll need

Your name, social security number, date of birth, and contact information. Your complete work history for the last 18 months, including:

  • name(s) of employer
  • address(es)
  • phone number(s)
  • start and end dates of employment for each employer

Your bank account and routing number, if you want to sign up for direct deposit.

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