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How to Apply for a Free Safety Consultation | Kansas Department of Labor

The Kansas Department of Labor presents a comprehensive guide on how to request a **free safety and health consultation** for businesses in Kansas.

Whether you have specific safety questions about your industry or need help developing your safety programs, this consultation is available to eligible private sector businesses.

Benefits of the Safety and Health Consultation

By availing this consultation, you can make a **business investment** that improves safety and efficiency at your workplace. The consultation information provided is **confidential**, and nothing discovered during the consultation will be reported outside of your company.

Getting Started

To begin the consultation process, you need to provide basic information about your company, including **physical address**, **email**, and **phone number**. It is helpful to include your company’s **NAICS code**, but if you’re unsure, a brief description of your company’s activities will suffice.

For easy access, the application for an on-site safety consultation is available on our **website at**. Here, you will find comprehensive information about the safety consultation program and a link to the online application form.

When filling out the application, try to include as much relevant information as possible. Once completed, email the application to us. Upon receiving your application, our staff will assign a **safety consultant** to your business. They will then contact you to schedule a walkthrough of your facility and review your safety and health programs.

After the Consultation

Once our safety consultant completes their review, they will issue a **detailed report** within 20 days of the visit. You will have 30 calendar days to address any **serious hazards** identified in the report or file for an extension. While there are no financial penalties associated with this program, it is mandatory to correct any safety hazards discovered.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our website at **** or call our office at **785-296-4386**. Thank you for considering our safety and health consultation services, and we are here to assist you throughout this process.

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