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$300 California Unemployment Assistance: How to Apply?

how to apply to the $300 California Unemployment Assistance

The state of California has already begun to distribute the $300 unemployment assistance payment. Here’s what to do and how you can apply.

Due to the lack of consensus among Democrats and Republicans, U.S. President Donald Trump chose to sign a series of executive orders with relief for the coronavirus, including an extension of unemployment benefits.

According to Trump’s memos, this federal aid would be $300 a week over regular unemployment benefits, although of course, there are states that opted to offer $100 extra to raise the aid to $400. In the case of California, the stimulus remains at 300 and the payment is retroactive.

It should be noted that payments in the state of California will be issued based on the date you certified regular “Unemployment Insurance” or “Pandemic Unemployment Assistance” benefits for the weeks between July 26 and August 15. That is, beneficiaries will receive the payment for three weeks ($900).

California Unemployment Assistance of $300: How to Apply

The process for claiming California unemployment benefits is in two phases. Phase 1 began on September 7 and all the beneficiary had to do was show evidence that he or she was unemployed, or partially unemployed, due to the coronavirus outbreak, so the payment would be automatically deposited along with regular benefits.

However, phase 2 began in mid-September, so if you did not specify that you were unemployed, or partially unemployed, due to the coronavirus when you applied for the subsidy, you would have to provide a one-time self-certification.

Once the self-certification has been submitted to the state Unemployment Department, they will contact the recipient in question through UI OnlineSM, by email, text message or mail notification to request that the recipient provide the information necessary to process their payments.

If for any reason the California Department of Labor determines that you are not eligible for the $300 bonus payment, you will receive a Notice of Determination for the Lost Wage Assistance (LWA) Program (DE 6330LWA).

Please note that due to high demand, the Department of Labor is not currently receiving applications, so it is estimated that applications may be resubmitted within two weeks.

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