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You can now track the status of your third $1,400 stimulus check online!

You can now track the status of your third $1,400 stimulus check online!

The information in the “Get My Payment” tool is updated once a day.

As of Monday, recipients of the third $1,400 stimulus check can track the status of their payment through the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) “Get My Payment” online tool.

Through the service, the user can check to see if the IRS has already processed his or her check. The system will give you a payment date, as well as specify whether the money was processed by direct deposit or by mail.

After the direct deposits are completed, the IRS will send the remainder of the stimulus payments either by paper check or EIP Card (prepaid debit card) through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Currently, the agency is focusing on wire transfers, so if you enter your information into the application and are not expecting the money that way, the page will probably give you a notice that it has not been processed.

In that sense, the office specified that if you are eligible for the aid, but receive a “payment status not available” message, it is possible that your payment has not yet been processed and you will have to enter your data another day for an updated response.

Alternatively, you may not be eligible for the third stimulus check. You can read about the new income eligibility requirements here.

What if the tool “needs more information”?

In some cases, the site will tell you that it “needs more information”. The above is because the payment was returned to the IRS because USPS was unable to deliver it.

“Only people who get this message can use the tool to provide us with information about their bank account,” the IRS explained.

First and second check information will not be available

The agency also indicated that information on the first and second stimulus checks will not be available through the tool.

Anyone who has not received the full amount of money they are due for the past two rounds by now will need to apply to the IRS for the funds owed through the “Refund Recovery Credit” on their tax return this year.

Four key questions

To start the request for information, you must enter on the website your Social Security number, date of birth, the street address where you reside (you do not have to enter city, town or state) and zip code.

A point to consider when using the “Get My Payment” tool is that it is updated only once a day, in the early morning hours, so it is not necessary to do the procedure of entering information more than once in a 24-hour period.

Another detail that you should not lose sight of is that if you enter your personal information too many times, the system will block your access for 24 hours.

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