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Third $1,400 stimulus check could be approved this week

Third $1,400 stimulus check could be approved this week

The third stimulus check would be for $1,400 dollars. Congress plans to take action this week to quickly approve President Joe Biden’s pandemic relief proposals, including a third stimulus check that would reach most Americans.

This third stimulus check would be for $1,400, and would be in addition to the second $600 check that began to be distributed in late December. This would bring the total support to $2,000 between the two checks.

It should be recalled that Democrats and former President Donald Trump had wanted to give $2,000 in the second stimulus check, but Republicans, who were the majority in the Senate, stopped this proposal.

However, there is now a new Senate, and Biden’s Democratic party is in control of it, which could make it easier to pass the second stimulus check.

Biden proposed a $1.9 billion stimulus package, including the delivery of a third stimulus check, since, he said, the second $600 stimulus check simply wasn’t enough.

“(With the second stimulus check) you have to choose between paying the rent and putting food on the table,” Biden sa

id in a speech outlining his proposal.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the U.S. House of Representatives is accelerating discussion of Biden’s plan, and House committees are expected to vote on it (and potentially pass it) this week.

Biden Administration moves forward on third stimulus check plan with bipartisan senators

Officials from President Joe Biden’s administration met via telephone with a bipartisan group of senators, where they discussed options for the pandemic economic assistance bill.

Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (Illilonis) said the call was “productive” and endorsed the White House’s vision against the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.

“The Senate must come together on a bipartisan basis and provide the resources the American people need to survive this pandemic and this prolonged financial hardship,” he said.

Picking up on an Axios report on the call, Sen. Angus King (Maine) noted that the call focused on “solutions.”

“Let’s continue to work together to accelerate vaccine delivery and support Americans during this pandemic,” he posted.

Reports from CNN and The Washington Post indicate that the meeting was promoted by Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council.

The senators, eight from each party, questioned the Biden Administration on where the aid money should go and what the justification is for some spending, in addition to asking to focus the third check “on those most in need.”

The $1.9 billion bill unveiled by President Biden includes an extension of the unemployment insurance bonus after mid-March and raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

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