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Second Stimulus Check: Who will not be able to access an additional payment?

who not people file to second stimulus check

The Trump administration is close to approving the new bailout, however, there are people who will not be able to access the second check.

A one-time payment of $1,200 is not enough to deal with the economic and labor crisis unleashed by the coronavirus outbreak, which is why U.S. citizens continue to wait for the approval of the new economic rescue, which is expected to bring with it a second stimulus check.

Currently, Congress (the Senate and the House of Representatives) are analyzing the different proposals for the next economic package, so it is not yet known what features will be taken into account for the eligibility of beneficiaries, of course, in case the second payment is approved.

Who will not have access to the second stimulus check?

However, everything seems to indicate that some beneficiaries who received the first stimulus check could be left out of the second one, since the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, let it be known that this second round would be aimed especially at those with low resources, that is, people who reported an annual income of less than $40,000, that is, almost $60,000 less than the limit of the first check.

It is also estimated that people who were left out of the first payment will also be excluded from this second round, including taxpayers with an annual income of more than $99,000, couples with an annual income of more than $198,000, adolescents over 16 and college students under 24, as well as non-resident aliens and families with mixed immigration status.

There is also a possibility that a second stimulus check may not be approved, as the Senate majority has shown a greater inclination towards other stimuli, such as credits and the famous ‘back-to-work bonuses’. The final verdict is expected to be announced before August 7, after which Congress will recess and resume activities until September 7.

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