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Is it possible to receive the second stimulus check and unemployment benefits at the same time?

Unemployment benefits will continue to be paid until April 19. The U.S. Congress and President Donald Trump have already approved a new $900 billion economic rescue package that, in addition to a second economic stimulus check, also contains the extension of unemployment benefits. But many people have wondered if they are eligible for both programs.

President Trump’s signing of the bill on Sunday meant that the $600 Economic Impact Payments began to be distributed starting December 29, 2020.

The good news is that you are eligible to receive both payments, as long as you meet the criteria set forth in the law to claim them. If you qualify, you can receive the $600 stimulus check and $300 in unemployment benefits, and some workers may receive an additional $100 for self-employment.

Unemployment benefit will continue to be paid until April 19, 2021 when the last extension of the benefit expires. Stimulus checks are already being received by those who have a bank account in the system through direct deposit. Paper checks and debit cards were sent to taxpayers the day after.

Track your second stimulus check

The IRS tracking tool called “Get My Payment” was launched this Monday and can be used to track payments for both tax filers and non-taxpayers.

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Emergency Pandemic Unemployment Program

Under the new $900 billion relief bill the Pandemic Unemployment Program (PUA) is extended for new applicants until March 14, 2021. Individuals in the program who have not exhausted their total 50 weeks of PUA by then can continue to receive benefits during the week of April 5, 2021.

The new bill also extends pandemic emergency unemployment compensation for people experiencing long-term unemployment for a total of 24 weeks, as well as providing an extra $300 per week for all beneficiaries.

People who received their PUA until this year must continue to certify and collect their benefits but Elizabeth Pancotti of Employ America, recommends that unemployed people who receive benefits should send their verification documents to continue receiving them this year.

Individuals applying for their PUA for the first time after January 31, 2021 will have 21 days to submit their verification documents.

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