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IRS: Six possible reasons why you have not yet received your second stimulus check

IRS Six possible reasons why you have not yet received your second stimulus check

About 8 million people who are not required to file taxes would have to submit paperwork to the IRS this year to receive stimulus checks due.

Nearly a month after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Treasury Department began distributing the second $600 stimulus check, many Americans still have not received their stimulus payments.

One only has to browse the IRS social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter to see multiple posts from users upset about the delay in processing and sending the pandemic economic rescue funds.

Under the law under which the “Economic Impact Payments” were approved, agencies had until January 15 to distribute most of the funds to beneficiaries, either by direct deposit or by mail in the form of a paper check or prepaid debit card (EIP Card).

Three to four weeks to arrive

However, on the same date, the IRS updated its website to clarify that payments sent may take three to four weeks to arrive at their destination. The entity does not specify the reason for the delay.

You have a new mailing address and the IRS doesn’t know about it

Another reason you may not have received your payment is that you moved and did not alert the IRS. In these cases, you may choose to request a “payment follow-up” if the online “Get My Payment” tool tells you that your payment has been processed, but you do not receive it.

Errors in your bank account information

If the problem with the processing of your check is that the information provided for direct deposit had errors, the bank is supposed to alert the government agency to resend the paper payment by mail.

You accidentally threw away the EIP Card

Another possible scenario is that you inadvertently threw away the debit card sent by the government thinking it was junk mail. For the second round, the authorities tried to be more specific with the presentation of the letter envelope that now shows the Treasury Department seal. Here you can see what the correspondence will look like with the EIP Card.

If you believe you may have discarded the plastic money you should call 1.800.240.8100 and ask for a replacement.

Deposits to temporary accounts provided by tax preparation companies

Some beneficiaries who filed taxes through tax preparation companies such as Turbo Tax and H&R Block complained that the money had been deposited into temporary accounts and not their own.

The IRS in coordination with the IRS is amending this problem to redirect the funds to the appropriate accounts as soon as possible.

IRS does not have your personal information

The fact that you are not required to file a tax return may be a reason you have not received payment.

This is because the IRS does not have your personal information to process the funds. This is most likely the case if you also did not receive your first stimulus check while eligible.

To remedy the above, you should claim the payment(s) due through a “Refund Recovery Credit” on a tax return in this year’s tax season beginning February 12.

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