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How soon will the IRS send the third stimulus check?

How soon will the IRS send the third stimulus check

Government can issue more quickly the $1,400 per person plus child or dependent allowances.

Although some believe that the third stimulus package could face some problems in its approval in the House of Representatives, it is possible that it could be approved on March 9.

The American Rescue Plan bill pushed by President Joe Biden would be sent to the President immediately, who is likely to sign it on March 10.

The Treasury Department confirmed to The Washington Post that as soon as President Biden signs the bill into law, the process of sending $1,400 stimulus checks, plus $1,400 in child or dependent aid, will begin.

Taking into account the deposits of the second $600 stimulus check, it took the IRS only two-three days to begin sending the grants to bank accounts, as the package was then approved on December 27 and began to be mailed on December 29. The printing of physical checks began one day later.

A similar schedule could apply for the new stimulus package, taking March 10 as the date.

In that sense, those who provided their bank information in their 2019 and 2020 tax report would receive the aid starting March 12.

Checks would begin to be printed on March 13 and the cards a week later at the latest. This for all those who did not provide their bank information to the IRS. The mailing of that form of payment would take at least five days, plus the time needed by the USPS, which is two weeks at the most.

President Biden confirmed that financial assistance will be sent to families this month, although individuals earning more than $80,000 and couples earning more than $160,000 will not receive any support.

“When we took office 45 days ago, I promised the American people that help was on the way. Today, I can say that we have taken an additional giant step toward delivering on that promise,” Biden said at an afternoon press conference. “This plan will get the checks out the door starting this month for Americans who so desperately need the help.”

The Senate approved the aid package on Saturday by a vote of 50 to 49. All Republicans rejected the plan as “excessive”.

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