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Unemployment Work Search Requirements | NC Unemployment

An important part of unemployment insurance is to assist individuals in getting back to work. To receive benefits, it is mandatory to fulfill a work search requirement each week. This requirement spans from Sunday to Saturday. Moreover, it is necessary to keep a detailed record of these activities.

When engaging in a work search, it means actively seeking new employment or reaching out to previous employers. Some examples of approved work search activities include submitting applications and resumes, interviewing for jobs, or contacting potential employers through phone or in-person.

Accurately maintaining a record of these activities is highly important. These records must be kept for a period of five years. Failure to provide work search records during an audit within this time frame may result in repayment of benefits for those particular weeks.

During the course of the claim, it will be necessary to discuss work search records with a representative from an NC Works Career Center. Therefore, it is essential to keep these records safe, complete, and easily accessible.

To assist in recording work search activities, there is a helpful Work Search Records Form available online. Additionally, copies of this form and the work search guidelines will be mailed to you. These resources are valuable for every work search activity. It is important to document:

  1. Date of contact
  2. Name of company or re-employment activity
  3. Contact method used
  4. Company and contact information
  5. Position wanted
  6. Results of the activity

Accuracy and honesty are of utmost importance when completing the weekly certification. Most individuals successfully fulfill their work search requirements and receive benefits each week. If you have any questions, we are here to help you succeed.

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