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You’ll need these information to apply for unemployment insurance benefits

You'll need these information to apply for unemployment insurance benefits

Prepare the following information before beginning your application to save time.

Want to submit an online application?

You need the following before you may apply for unemployment insurance benefits online:

  • Worked exclusively in New Jersey over the previous 18 months;
  • Worked in New Jersey as well as any other state(s);
  • Worked for the federal government in New Jersey over the previous 18 months;
  • or Served in the military over the previous 18 months while being physically present in New Jersey.

You must apply by phone if you worked in the marine industry during the last 18 months or you reside outside of the United States.

Prepared to begin? assemble the following data:

  • Your Social Security Number,
  • your NJ driver’s license or NJ non-driver identity number,
  • your alien registration number (if you are not a US citizen), and;
  • details on your pension or 401(k), if any;
  • how much and how long you may be getting in separation compensation;
  • Recall date (if you anticipate being summoned back to work);
  • information on the local number and address of the union hiring hall (if you get employment via a union);
  • Form SF-8 or SF-50 if you were a federal employee; Military Form DD-214 if you served in the military during the previous 18 months;
  • your routing number and bank account number (if you plan to get your benefits through direct deposit).

Important: If you filed for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance after December 27, 2020, you had to provide proof that you were employed or about to start working independently before the pandemic, such as a paystub, W-2, or 1099. Following your application, you would have gotten an email asking for these information. Find out more here.

You can also be asked to provide supplementary documentation, such a passport or driver’s license, to prove your identification. Find out more here.

Prepare the following details about your employer(s) next:

Please include the following information for each employer you have worked for in the previous 18 months:

  • Your occupation with that employer;
  • the employer’s full name and address;
  • the employer’s phone number;
  • Dates of employment’s start and termination;
  • cause of separation.

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