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Create an Online Account to Apply for Unemployment Benefits

Create an Online Account to Apply for Unemployment Benefits

You must register for an account in our online system before you may apply for unemployment insurance benefits online.

The method is described in the stages below.

Step by Step To Create an Online Account

Step 1: Tell your email address in step one.

Enter your email address on the Create an Account page of our online system. Your email address may only be 35 characters long. Use a valid email address that you often check. It will be used to give you crucial information about your claim.

Secondly, check your email.

We’ll send you a link to validate your email address as soon as you click “SEND.” There is a 60 minute time limit on this link. The message will come from the address To prevent it from being marked as spam, you may wish to add that email address to your “safe senders” list.

Step 3: Select the link for account verification.

To finish the first registration procedure, click the link in the email they provide. Keep in mind that the link will disappear after 60 minutes. You will need to input your email address again and request a new link if you don’t finish the registration procedure in 60 minutes.

Step 4: Finish the account registration process.

You will be sent to a website where you must input your personal data after clicking the link.

If you allow your browser to fill in the input boxes for you, you could experience page issues. Please manually input all the data.

  • Date of birth (formatted as MM/DD/YYYY, for example, 04/07/1978);
  • first and last names;
  • Social Security number (without dashes);
  • phone number (numerals only);
  • and email address (the same one you used to register).

You must also come up with a password. Remember it, and do not divulge it to anybody. At a minimum, your password must include the words:

  • eight characters
  • one of these special characters
  • one number
  • one uppercase letter
  • one lowercase letter.

Step 5: Submit a claim

To submit a new claim after finishing your registration, go here.

Every claim has a start date that is set to the Sunday of the week that the applicant for unemployment benefits files. If you submit your paperwork by Saturday at Midnight, you will be given credit for the preceding Sunday. Please wait to submit if your final day of employment was a Friday or a Saturday and you worked the whole week. If not, you risk accidentally filing for a week in which you really worked.

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