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Pin Reset for Nevada Unemployment Insurance

pin reset for nevada unemployment insurance

Welcome to the State of Nevada Unemployment Insurance online claim submission system.

This post is part of a series of tutorials that were created to help you navigate this system.

With this article we will show you the steps of how to change your personal identification number or PIN to use the interactive voice response system, IVR, which gives you access to claim information through the telephone system.

The PIN for the IVR system is different from your Bank of America unemployment card PIN. If you need to change your unemployment card PIN, please contact Bank of America directly.

Changing Your IVR System PIN – Step by Step

To begin the process of resetting your IVR system PIN, you can access it here:

PIN Reset Nevada Unemployment

for ui claimants reset pin nevada unemployment

Click on the “Existing Claimant Sign In” link at the top right of the page.

existing claimant sign in to pin reset nevada unemployment

Enter your username and press “Continue” and enter your password and press the “enter” button, you may be asked to answer some of the questions in your personal security profile.

Change IVR PIN

In the “Customer Menu”, navigate to the options on the left side of the screen and press the “Change IVR PIN” option.

change ivr pin nevada unemployment

You will need to enter your new four-digit PIN number that you wish to use and enter it a second time to confirm.

claimant registration reset pin nevada unemployment

Press “Submit” when you are ready to continue. You will receive a confirmation that your PIN has been updated, press “Home” to complete the process and return to the customer menu.

pin updated nevada unemployment

Congratulations! You successfully changed your IVR system PIN. We hope that this tutorial has been helpful to you and that you will share it with everyone who needs it. To stay tuned for more tutorials related to the Nevada State Unemployment Insurance System, we recommend you always visit our website.

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