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Registering Your Business with UIA – Michigan

Starting a business is a considerable feat, and ensuring you’re legally set up is an essential initial step.

For businesses operating in Michigan, a pivotal part of this process is registration with the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA). This guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how to register your business with Michigan’s UIA. It will delineate the necessary steps, discuss the relevant benefits and obligations, and offer practical advice to ensure a smooth and successful registration process. No matter what industry you’re venturing into, this guide will assist you in adhering to the state’s requirements and setting your Michigan business up for success.

Congratulations on launching your new business venture! Now it’s time to fulfill your obligations as an employer and register with the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) to pay UI taxes for your employees.

Registering as an Employer

To get started, you can register online through the Michigan Web Account Manager, also known as MyWham. Simply visit the UIA website at and click on the “Register a Business” link.

The registration process consists of 12 simple steps that involve completing an online application. You will need to provide details such as your federal employer identification number, legal business name, incorporation dates, officers, location, and taxes.

After completing the application, you may be required to fill out a UIA Schedule A Liability Questionnaire or a UIA Schedule B Successorship Questionnaire if you’ve acquired another existing Michigan employer or undergone incorporation or reorganization.

Once you’ve completed the application and questionnaire, you can certify and submit your information to receive a confirmation number, ensuring that your application has been received by the agency.

Using MyWham

Once your application has been processed and your employer account number has been assigned, your online MyWham account will be created and ready to use. You will need the authorization code you received from the agency to gain permanent access to your account.

With MyWham, you can easily transact business as an employer. You have the flexibility to grant access to other users, such as your employees, and authorize a third-party administrator or power of attorney to act on your behalf. However, UIA strongly advises all employers to have primary access to their MyWham account, as you are ultimately responsible for all information entered on behalf of your business.

Using MyWham, you can manage accounts, file reports, pay taxes, submit inquiries, view statements, and perform other necessary tasks. The platform is available 24/7 and ensures complete security for your data.

Employer Liability Toolkit

For more information about registering your business, you can refer to the Michigan Employer Liability Toolkit, which can be found on the employer homepage at

By diligently completing the registration process and utilizing MyWham, you can fulfill your employer obligations efficiently and ensure a smooth experience with the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency.

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