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I Applied For Benefits in Michigan. Now What?

So you’ve completed your application for jobless benefits and have submitted it to the unemployment insurance agency.

What comes next after filing a claim for unemployment benefits? The UIA (Unemployment Insurance Agency) will assess your eligibility to receive payments, considering factors such as your earnings and work history. Once you’ve applied, you need to follow a two-step process to register for work.

Step 1: Create Your Job Seeker Profile

To begin, create your job seeker profile on This profile is crucial for the next step in the process.

Step 2: Meet with Michigan Works

It’s essential to meet with staff from your local Michigan Works service center, either in person or virtually. They will verify your job seeker profile and send the confirmation to the UIA. Both steps, creating a profile and meeting with Michigan Works staff, must be completed and verified at least one business day before your first certification for unemployment benefits.

Not completing these steps could prevent you from receiving your benefits.

Certifying Your Eligibility for Benefits

Every two weeks, you must certify your eligibility for benefits by confirming your unemployment status or underemployment for each week of your bi-weekly certification period. Even if you’re waiting for a determination from the UIA regarding your benefit status, you still need to certify every other week to ensure your right to a weekly payment.

During the certification process, you’ll also need to provide information about other factors that may affect your unemployment benefits, such as part-time wages, retirement benefits, or refusal to work.

By certifying for benefits, you declare that you are capable and available to work. Able to work means you have the physical and mental capacity to perform full-time work. Available to work means you are ready and willing to accept full-time work without any barriers like lack of childcare or transportation.

You are also certifying that you are actively seeking work, which entails searching for employment and reporting at least one work search activity each week. Work search activities can include applying for jobs online or in person, attending job fairs, and more. You can explore thousands of job opportunities on

If you need assistance with creating a resume, improving interview skills, accessing workshops, or learning about hiring events, don’t hesitate to visit a Michigan Works service center.

When certifying, you can submit your work search activities through two methods. The first is online using mywam, available 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. Simply follow the prompts to enter the relevant information about your work search. The second option is calling Marvin, the UIA’s automated response system, at 1-866-638-3993 on your designated day and time during your reporting week. When using Marvin, you will also have the opportunity to speak with a UIA representative who will document your work search activities.

It’s crucial to keep a record of your work search activities as the UIA may request it at any time. If you are a union member who must seek work through the union hiring hall, you are not required to register with Michigan Works. However, you still need to search for work and report at least one work search activity each week.

Remember to maintain your bi-weekly certification schedule to keep your claim active. If you fail to request benefits during your scheduled bi-weekly certification period or waive benefits for three consecutive weeks without finding work, you will need to file a new claim for benefits.

For more information about applying for unemployment benefits, frequently asked questions, common mistakes to avoid, completing your work search, and more, visit the UIA website at Additionally, you can find helpful informational videos on the UIA’s YouTube channel, guiding you through the benefit application process.

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