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How to File for PUA on Michigan Unemployment

how to file for pua on michigan

How to file for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance? Go to and click on For Employees.

file for pua for employees michigan

File for PUA on Michigan – Step by Step

Click on sign in with MiLOGIN. There will be a brief wait for the MiLOGIN screen to appear. If you do not have a MiWAM account, click sign up. Fill in your name, email and answer the verification question. Read the Terms and Conditions and click I agree. Create a User ID and Password. Note the guidelines to the right.

create account for pua on michigan unemployment

Enter your social security number and date of birth. Click next step. Click submit.


This takes you to the PUA application. Click next step. Click the appropriate qualification. Answer the qualification questions. Click next step.

answer questions for pua michigan unemployment


If you choose to enter the tax year and income for that year, you will need to attach documentation to this claim. Click next step.

income pua michigan unemployment

Verification Attachments

Click ADD to attach your documents. Click Save and next step.

verification attachments michigan unemployment

Identification Information

Fill in your name information. Click next step.

identification information for pua michigan unemployment

Address Information

Enter your physical address. Click on validate the address. Answer yes or no and click next step. Fill in contact information. Click next step.

Demographic Information

Answer the demographic information questions. Click Search to find your occupation code.

demographic information pua michigan unemployment

Answer additional questions and click next step.

Payment Method

Select your payment method. You may choose a debit card or direct deposit. Click next step.

MiWAM Account & Benefits Right

Answer the correspondence question and click next step.

PUA Fraud Notice

Read the unemployment benefit rights section and click I Agree. Click next step. Read the PUA Fraud Notice and click I Understand. Click next step.

pua fraud notice michigan unemployment


Review your information, and click Save as a Draft.

review information michigan unemployment


You will see your confirmation page, and your application is complete. PUA application processing will begin April 20, 2020. When your application processing is completed, you will receive a determination notifying you of your benefit entitlement and the date you are to begin certifying.

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