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How to File a Claim on Michigan Unemployment

How to File a Claim on Michigan Unemployment

If you become unemployed, you may qualify for unemployment insurance benefits. There are two ways to file a new claim or reopen an existing claim.

The fastest and preferred method is online at: and signing into your MiWAM! account. You may also file by calling 1-866-500-0017. Please follow the filing schedule located on the website:

filing schedule michigan unemployment insurance

Requirements and Documents

To file a claim, you will need your driver’s license or state ID, your current mailing address, county, method of payment, Alien Registration Number, if you are not a citizen or national of the United States and your dates of employment from all your employers for the last 18 months.

In addition you will need your most recent employer’s Federal Employer Identification number or FEIN, which can be found on your w-2, especially if you have not filed a claim within the last three years or have been employed for less than six months, and employer account number or EAN.

Depending on your situation, knowing the account may speed up the processing of your claim. To proceed, click on next step.

Federal and state law require of information be provided to the Unemployment Insurance Agency.

How to File a Claim on Michigan Unemployment

File a Claim Unemployment – Michigan

Identification Information

Please enter your social security number. Have you worked under more than one social security number? Please enter your legal name. Please enter your driver’s license or ID number with the State. Please verify the information is entered correct, and then click on next step.

identificaction information to file a new claim on michigan unemployment insurance

Demographic Information

Please enter your entire physical address, including any apartment numbers. The system will ask if you would like to include a P.O. box as a mailing address next. Please validate these addresses used are correct. When completed, click on next step.

demographic information michigan unemployment insurance

Additional Info

Please enter a valid phone number including the area codes, your date of birth and indicate if you are a US citizen.

adittional info if you are citizen on michigan unemployment insurance

If you are not a US citizen, please complete the alien registration which will include your card type, the alien registration number, the expiration date and the card number located on the back.

alien registration on michigan unemployment insurance

If you are responsible for individuals financially more than 50% of the time, you can claim them. Please indicate the number of dependents you wish to claim. For every dependent you claim, you can add an additional six dollars per dependent up to $362 a week.

Please indicate if you wish to have taxes taken out of your unemployment benefits. Please indicate the number of exemptions you would like to use. Once completed, click on next step.

What week would you like your claim to begin? Unemployment benefit weeks begin on Sunday and continue through Saturday.

If you had wages in another state within the last 18 months, you may be eligible to file a claim using the wages from that state along with Michigan.

Employment Information

If you know your employer account number or your federal employer identification number, please enter it. If not, click on the “I don’t know” tabs and proceed to the employers.

employment information on michigan unemployment insurance

Click on the blue hyperlink “Click here to answer and review questions” about the listed employers. Also, if you have an employer missing, “click here to add an employer”.

Please include all the required information with all employers listed on the claim. When searching for the occupation code, enter the type of work you do, not your job title. Once your occupation code is found, click OK. Once you have completed the information on all work history, select “Click here to answer and finish the employment information section”.

employment information finish michigan unemployment insurance

Please click the button indicating your most recent employer, then click next step.

Payment Method

You need to choose a payment method. The system defaults to a Bank of America debit card. If you would like a direct deposit, click on direct deposit including your routing number ,and account number you would like to use.

MiWAM Account

You have the option to go green or receive documentation by mail. Choose your option, and click next step.

Please read the entire benefits rights page. If you agree, click the Box acknowledging you have read and understood the benefit rights and continue to next step. Final process is reviewing the information and click on submit to file the claim.

review and submit information michigan unemployment insurance

You will receive a confirmation that your filing process is complete.

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